The Four Rivers Fountain and Other Similar Fountains in Italy

The Four Rivers Fountain, created by Bernini, a very well known water feature creator is located in Rome. A pyramid is featured in the fountain and includes a group of four Gods, that represent the rivers of the four quarters of the globe. All of the Gods are seated in the fountain. The Four Rivers fountain is known to be a very simple fountain, but is very beautiful as it sits in Florence, located behind the Pitti Palace. One of the greatest amphiteaters used in public festivals is located in the Pitti Palace in Florence. Behind the ampitheater, one can see the beautiful Boboli Gardens. The graceful fountain located in the courtyard of the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence was designed by Vasari, but the statue featured in the fountain which includes cupid actually holding a dolphin instead of an arrow was actually designed by Verrocchio. The statue itself that not originally supposed to be on the fountain, but the water feature was renovated for the wedding of Joanna of Austria to Francesco dei Medici. The statue originally was located in the garden of Lorenzo the Magnificent.

On the opposite end, the Fountain of Montorsoli located in Messina is actually very simple. It was created between the years of 1547 and 1551. The Fountain located in Bologna of Neptune was actually designed by a painter. His name was Tommaso Lauretti, he did not create the statue, but it was rather created by Giovanni da Bologna who worked under the likeness of Michelangelo and considers Neptune to be his masterpiece.

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