Timeline of Notable Fountains from the 13th to 17th Centuries

In the 13th Century
Fountains were added at a later date, with the Gardens complete first in the Generalife Fountain & Gardens which are located in Granada, Spain.

Around 1278
One of the greatest fountain creations stands directly in the center of the square in Perugia Italy. The Fontana Maggiore is said to be one of the most wonderful fountain masterpieces. This fountain was created by sculptors Nicola Pisano and Giovanni Pisano. The actual fountains hydraulics were designed by Fra Bevignate and Boninsegna.

14th Century
In Granada Spain, the Fountain of the Lions at Alhambra, had an added basin to the 12 stone lions. Previously known as the "Fountain of the Sow", has no known completion date.Schoner Brunnen which in English translates to Beautiful Fountain was located in Nuremberg, Germany.

Fonte Gaia, Piazza del Campo Fountain was created by Jacopo della Quercia this was an exact replica of this fountain was created in 1868 by Tito Sarrocchi.

The Wall Fountain of the Tigris, was requested by Clement VII in Florence, Italy and was designed by Michelangelo.

Geesebearer Fountain located in Nuremberg, Germany was created by Labenwolf.

Ogre Fountain can be found in Bern, Switzerland and was created by Hans Gieng.

Fountain of Justice is located in Bern, Switzerland

Fountain of the Innocents, designed by Lescot & Goujon Jr. is located in Paris, France. It was renovated and designed again in late 18th century.

Fountain of Neptune located in Messina, Italy was designed by sculptor Montorsoli. The Neptune Fountain under went reconstruction in the late 1800's in Rome

Sculpted by Ammannati, the Fountain of Hercules and Anateus is located in Castello, Italy.

Water Chain Cascade, Fountain of the Giants, Fountain of the Deluge, and Fountain of the Dolphin, all in Villa Lante at Bagnaia, Viterbo, Italy.

Fountain of Oceanus, Boboli Gardens in Florence, Italy.

Fountain of Baqcchus in Boboli Gardens in Florence which had been Sculpted by Ammannati.

The water source for most of Rome's fountains, Aqua Vergine was restored by an Inauguration. Piazza del Popolo Fountains in Rome. You can find additional information on the Fountain of Piazza del Popolo.

Avenue of the Hundred Fountains
Fountain of the Dragons
Fountains of Tivoli
Fountain of Nature (aka the Water Organ)
The Rometta Fountain of Rome

Commission in Rome, The Fountain of the Moor is created. The Neptune Fountain was created in Rome

With an unknown finish date, The Fountain Beside the Pantheon is located in Piazza della Rotonda and was comissioned by Rome. This also the estimated year in which the Fountain in Piazza Colonna, in Rome was completed.

Marforio Wall Fountains of Florence, Italy which was a a small porphyry fountain that featured a seated goddess restored as Roma.

Fountain of the Tortoises in Italy.

Trinita de Monti Fountain in Rome, Italy.

Fountain of the Four Rivers is commissioned, this is an estimation, but it was actually a reconstruction of an older fountain

Many examples of the Single and Double Niche Fountain designs were built in Florence, Italy.

The Wall Fountain of the Labyrinth created by Tribolo is located in Florence, Italy.


Latter 16th Century
Porter Fountain is located in Rome, Italy

Mount Parnassus Grotto Fountain, destroyed in the 18th century, was located in Somerset House, London, and created by sculptor Salomon de Caus.

Fountain of the Acqua Paola in Rome, it is important to note that a water pool was added in 1690.

Big Mask Fountain at Via Giulia, Rome

Triton Fountain, Piazza Barberini, Rome

The Mary Fountain, was created in the city of Aachen, Germany and was created by the magistrate of the city.

Fountain of the Four Rivers was finally finished at Piazza Navona, Rome. This was sculpted by Fancelli, Poussin, and Raggi.

Neptune Fountain, Nuremberg, Germany which was Sculpted by Schweigger. Fountain in Piazza Colonna, located in Rome, Italy.

The Fountains at St. Peters Square in Rome were rebuilt by Bernini. Hot Springs Fountain, renamed Mossy Fountain, at Aix-en-Provence, France was sculpted by Fosse. It is important to note that the original sculpture did not survive.

The formal gardens were created and Fountains at Chatsworth in England were built, this includes the Emperor Fountain.

A multitude of fountains at Versailles were created:

  • Pyramid Fountain
  • Latona Fountain
  • Fountain of Apollo
  • Sculptures by Apollon, Tuby, La Fontaine, Le Notred

Grosser Garten and Fountains located in Herrenhausen, Germany created by Sculpturors Charbonnier and Sophie.

Celestial and Terrestrial Sphere Fountain at Het Loo, Netherlands, the statue on the fountain was created by Marot.

18th Century Fountains
Early 20th Century Fountains
Late 20th Century Fountains